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The IKEA bike offer

The new IKEA Sladda bike will be just £350 (for IKEA Family members - free to join) when it comes out in October - or closer to £400 with the optional racks. It has two gears that change automatically, and a belt instead of a chain that will never get rusty and is guaranteed for 10 years / 15,000km. The bike's frame is aluminium and guaranteed for 25 years. At £350 that seems a low-maintenance bargain to me, and I can't wait to get one myself to try. 

*BUT* being IKEA, it's (drumroll) - flatpack! In a recent Guardian article their northern editor confessed to taking 
five hours to assemble one.
It's uncertain whether IKEA will offer assembly on the Sladda, but if they did it would be £115 based on their standard '£20 + 20% of RRP' price model.


...by collecting*, fully unpacking, assembling, testing and delivering your Sladda bike back to you, for the price of just £50.

Assembly will include: 
  • Use of correct lubricants and locking compounds where required, Use of professional torque wrenches and tools throughout (those '5Nm - 20Nm' signs all over the instructions)
  • Full safety check and test ride after final assembly

I will ensure a safe, rattle-free and long-lived assembly of your new IKEA bike.

Why do torque wrenches matter?

Torque is the measure of turning force applied to a nut or bolt. Too little and the bolt will slip and whatever it's holding - seat, handlebar, pedal, steerer stem - will slip as well. This is obviously a dangerous thing to have happen on the public highway. Often you will only realise something is under-tightened when braking hard to avoid a hazard.

Too much torque and the bolt or component could crack or suffer catastrophic failure under stress such as heavy braking or an impact. 

Professional bike mechanics use torque wrenches to accurately apply just the right amount of torque, ensuring the manufacturer's specifications are met. Even with years of experience it is not possible to 'guess' torque as the type of tool and position, as well as the grip used all have an impact. Professional mechanics have tried and failed to guess torque many times at industry trade shows. 

Test Valley Cycles has invested in six pro-grade torque wrenches covering all torque ranges encountered on bicycles.

Other options:
  • The Sladda comes with a standard seat clamp. I can add a quick-release clamp that will allow riders of different heights to easily share the bike
  • Luggage bungy cords - these can be provided and fitted, to secure your luggage
  • Child seats - advice and fitting for your child's and your needs
  • Lights - the best options for you, installed

Once IKEA confirm their sales model for the Sladda I may offer the additional service of collection from IKEA Southampton, so you need do nothing but sit back and wait for your fully-built and tested Sladda to arrive. Let me fight the M3 traffic and lug the large 20kg box around!

Please get in touch if you think the Sladda might be the bike for you.



* free collection within 5 miles of RG28 7AA, £5 for less than 10 miles, further by negotiation