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Annual Service Plans

We offer an annual Service Plan - a set fee, covering all work required to keep your bike on the road and in tip-top condition

Basically - you ride it, we look after it. If your tyres go flat or your gears go out of tune, we'll fix them. You'll get new cables each year, and a mid-year full clean and checkover.

A guaranteed ready-to-ride bike, every time.

The Annual Service Plan includes:
  • Free collection / delivery for initial and 6-month service within 5 miles - £5 for 5-10 miles
  • New set of cables and cable outers once a year - at initial service or after 6 months
  • Initial and 6-month clean and full lubricate
  • Initial and 6-month safety checks on all components / fasteners and tightening where needed to specification
  • Unlimited puncture repairs (no-one likes fixing punctures)
  • Unlimited gear tuning when they get out of tune (all gears go out of tune over time due to cable outer wear)
  • Unlimited tyre / new inner tube fitting (cost of tyre/tube not included)
  • Priority service on any work required throughout the year - typically same-day collection, next-day return

Pricing, paid in advance:

Child's bikes (up to & including 24" wheels): £50
Adult bikes (larger than 24" wheels): £100

Please note:
Puncture repair and on-demand gear tuning subject to £5 collection charge within 5 miles, £10 within 10 miles, unless done in conjunction with initial or 6-month service. No charge for customers within Whitchurch township
Road bikes, bikes with full-length or internal cable runs - add £10 due to additional materials / time to remove and reinstall bar tape
New tyre / tube fitting does not include cost of tyres/tubes
If new cables are fitted at start of plan, add £20 for optional second new set of cables at 6-month service
Depending on work/family commitments, on occasion same- or next-day service may not be available - and will not be available for 1 week each in Feb, June, Oct and Dec.