Test Valley Cycles is a very small, very local cycle servicing and sales firm. I provide a full spectrum of cycle-related services to customers in the Test Valley and North Hampshire Downs area from a fully-equipped workshop in Whitchurch, Hampshire. I offer collection and delivery of bikes for servicing and upgrades. Test Valley cycles isn't a walk-in shop, all appointments for work are by prior arrangement.

I have decades of experience working on all types of bike, from road to mountain, commuters to children's bikes. I can do simple repairs through to full upgrades of bike groupsets, wheels and major components. Professional Park and Pedro's tools and products are used in all work, carried out to industry best-practice standards including use of torque tools and appropriate lubricants/fluids on all components, to avoid damage and ensure safety.

I have a decade of experience with child cycling, from toddlers in trailers or on bikes through to choosing the right bike for a growing nearly-teenager. I can assist with purchase and checking of second-hand bikes, if you are on a budget. 

I am able to recommend, supply and fit all types pf cycle products and accessories, including:
  • Tyres / tubes
  • Lights and bike computers
  • Child seats and accessories
  • Kickstands, racks, baskets and panniers

Bike sales: I usually have Useful Used Bikes in stock at good prices, from £50 - please let me know what you need in a bike and I'll find a good fit for you

Services provided include:
  • Deep clean and lubrication of even the filthiest, most neglected bikes
  • Gear and brake replacement and alignment
  • Disc brake bleeding, pad replacement, and disc mount facing to ensure no rubbing and even pad wear
  • Conversions to tubeless tyres, including rim taping and valves / sealant
  • Drivetrain maintenance - new bearings, chains, cogsets and chainrings
  • Frame maintenance including hanger alignment and disc brake mount facing, to ensure rub-free operation
  • Bearing replacement - high-grade loose balls or cartridge, fitted with professional bearing presses to protect valuable frame faces
  • Full restoration of much-loved bikes, from stripping/painting and new decals through to sourcing of rare/vintage componentry
  • Removal of damaged or seized components, and re-tapping/repair of damaged threads
  • Advice on child or adult cycling - clothing, bike setup, local routes and much more

All work is backed up by a three-month no-quibble warranty on workmanship, all parts are covered by the respective manufacturer's warranties. All cycles,regardless of the size of job, are given a full visual safety inspection to check for worn or damaged components, and a written report recommending any required work. 

Ie offer Annual Service Plans - pay up front, for a year of worry-free cycling on a perfectly-tuned bike.


Valuing your work

Test Valley Cycles charges based on actual workshop time spent, at £40 per hour plus parts.

This rate reflects the following costs:

  • VAT
  • Workshop rent/light/heat
  • Tool replacement (all tools wear down and need replacing)
  • Consumables - lubricants, greases, abrasives, blades etc

...and most importantly: my time. What you are paying for at Test Valley Cycles is 30+ years of experience working on every type of bike, and the professionalism to never cut corners or compromise on quality or safety. I want to see you happy, safe and out enjoying riding your bike. I want your word-of-mouth approval to others. Every customer is important, and every bike is important - form a £50 hand-me-down child's bike to a £5,000 carbon race machine.

A typical full service replacing all cables, checking brakes, drivetrain, indexing the gears and adjusting/lubricating the bike to be as good as possible is typically 1-2 hours - so between £40 and £80 plus any parts - cables are typically £10.

If you need a new chain and rear cogset, that's usually around £40 in parts. These last around 2-3,000 miles, and I only recommend replacement where I can measure provable wear that if left unaddressed will cause further damage to other components and possibly dangerous failure. 

You and your family want to enjoy cycling, safely. Value maintaining your bikes and they will replay you a hundredfold.

Click the photo for a close-up view of how good your bike could look after a bike birthday 

Please get in touch to discuss your cycling needs today: drop an email to contact@testvalleycycles.co.uk or call Mike for a chat on  07789971749